Join our professional dance crew every Wednesday 8.30-10pm for All-Levels Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Krump, Afrofusion and much more . This class is perfect for those who want to keep it current and have an edge. Schedule and styles of classes are listed below:
21 Dancehall w/Hollywood
28 Jazz Funk w/Lauren
4 Afrofusion w/Esie
11 Lyrical Hip Hop w/Hollywood
18 Krump w/Primal
25 Contemporary w/Ali
4 Hip Hop w/Shameka
11 Jazz Funk Hip Hop w/Lauren
18 Hip Hop w/Justin
25 Jazz Funk w/Irvin
1 Dancehall w/Hollywood
8 Krump w/Primal
15 Contemporary w/Ali
22 Lyrical Hip Hop w/Hollywood
29 Jazz Funk Hip Hop w/Lauren

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