Amy Verner of The Globe & Mail lifestyle section wrote a great article on the growth of Nia and featuring our own Jenn Hicks.

The article, "A workout that requires your imagination", explains Nia, the fabulous dance / fitness fusion:

"There are upward of 40 different Nia workouts, all targeting different areas of the body via various themes. Names range from obscure (Infinity, Alpha Omega) to literal (Butterfly) to cheesy (Zen-sation, Sexi) and Ms. Hicks says it can take up to two months before she's gone through the cycle (Nia instructors pay a membership fee and receive four new classes from the founders - licensed music included - each year).

The footwork - often performed sans shoes - is never fancy; at most a cha-cha, grapevine, dance square or four-point turn. Leave the choreography to the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance.

"We don't always want to be doing repetitive movement," says Ms. Hicks who teaches at The Joy of Dance and Flow! Yoga among other locations in Toronto. "The [steps]are chosen so we can have variety in movement to stimulate the body in different ways."

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Image: Nia classes combine techniques from martial arts, dance and healing practices to maximize variety in movement and stimulate the body in different ways.  (Della Rollins for the Globe and Mail) Back to Media Releases