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Finding the Right Ballet Class – Part II

Royal Academy of Dance Exam Classes

Last time, we talked about recreational classes. They’re a great way to dip your toe into the ballet world, and, with time and dedication, you might find yourself comfortable in all of the drop-in classes we offer. In fact, you might just find yourself at Level 2 and wanting even more of a challenge. Maybe you want to dedicate yourself to a scheduled, weekly class to take your ballet to the next level! Maybe you feel ready to tackle an exam? We are one of the very few places in Canada to offer RAD exam classes for just adults – that’s right, just adults. You will not be the only adult in a class full of teenagers! These classes offer a chance to dedicate yourself to improving your ballet technique, and to work towards a concrete goal. In these classes you are given consistent technical corrections, and are held accountable for learning and practicing your set work. The result is consistent, tangible improvements in all component areas of ballet: posture, strength, flexibility and artistry.

Emily Tench, the director of our Adult RAD program, is dedicated to giving all of her students positive and constructive feedback so that each dancer can improve their technique, musicality and expressive artistry. In comparison to drop-in classes, the structured environment that exam classes require allow Emily and her colleagues to consistently monitor student progress, identify points of weakness, and determine the best way to help students move past them. Learning exam choreography over longer periods of time allows students to master exercises and in particular, have the time to work on the skills required for them. As a result, these skills (for example, at the Intermediate level, double pirouettes and batterie) are achieved.

If you are looking for an adult class where you will never be dismissed as “too old to learn,” you have found it! Adult classes can sometimes take on the attitude of “learn it if you want to,” which can result in certain important skills (that, yes, are challenging at the start) being overlooked. Dedicating yourself to an RAD exam is a statement that, yes, you do want to learn. Our teachers know this, and, as a result, are able to push students where they need to be pushed, so that they can overcome difficult hurdles, and improve their dancing. Completing a ballet exam is a commitment to consistent practice and dedication, but brings with it a huge sense of accomplishment and pride.

Learning proper balletic technique can have a strong positive influence on your body, and can help fix the aches and pains that lack of strength or improper alignment can bring. The beauty of ballet is rooted in its technique and precision, and at Joy of Dance you can learn it at any age!

Interested in joining an RAD exam class? Email info@joyofdance.ca or call the studio at 416-406-3262 to find out more!

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Dinushi has been dancing since she was 13 and has dabbled in a variety of styles including jazz, contemporary, tap and lyrical. She is currently enrolled in the Royal Academy of Dance program at Joy of Dance Centre.

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