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As one of Toronto's top voted dance studios, we strive to offer the very best in adult, youth and teen dance class instruction in a friendly and welcoming environment. Dance is the fastest pathway to joy, so come here to leave your troubles on the dance floor.

Adult Ballet Classes

Our Ballet Lessons

Ballet is an elegant and powerful dance form. It is an asset to all dance styles for its technical precision, lines, turning ability, artistry, flexibility and strength. Whether your focus is on dancing ballet itself or using it to build the technical foundation for other dance forms, Joy of Dance’s adult ballet classes give you the control, elegance and poise that only ballet can create. Our Toronto dance studio offers registered and drop-in ballet classes for adults of all skill levels.

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We are closed for Thanksgiving, Sunday October 11 and Monday October 12.

toronto, adult ballet classes, adult dance lessons, adult rad
toronto, adult ballet classes, adult dance lessons, adult rad
toronto, adult ballet classes, adult dance lessons, adult rad
toronto, adult ballet classes, adult dance lessons, adult rad

Available Classes


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Adult ballet classes provide training in strength, flexibility, poise and elegance. With this foundation, your skills will translate into any form of dance. Our faculty provides classes that give dancers the time, personalized feedback and experience to grow technically and artistically at the level they are at, while preparing them to progress to the next level. Expect to work hard, sweat and laugh!

Beginner Ballet

For dancers with no ballet training or people who have been away from ballet for many years and need a refresher. Learn the foundations of ballet through simple barre, centre and jumping sequences.

Beginner+ Ballet

For dancers with 1-3 years of ballet training. Take your basic knowledge to the next level, learning more challenging movements and sequences while developing your understanding of technique and musicality and performance.

*This class is recommended to our Adult RAD Intermediate Foundation students as a training supplement to their Syllabus classes.

Elementary Ballet

For dancers with 3-5 years of ballet training. We continue the dancer’s education of safe dance alignment and strong, clear technique. The artistic essences of port de bras, breath, performance and musicality are infused, training adults to grow and strive for personal excellence! Our Sunday in-person class is accompanied by popular, and incredible, pianist Valentina Gurovsky.

*This class is recommended to our Adult RAD Intermediate students as a training supplement to their Syllabus classes.

Intermediate Ballet

For dancers with 5-10 years of ballet training. Students are introduced to a more advanced level of movement and choreography while continuing to elevate their technical precision, artistry, strength, and flexibility.

*This class is recommended to our Adult RAD Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1 registered students as a training supplement to their Syllabus classes.

Ballet Artistry and Technique for the Mature Student (low impact class) – not currently running

For Beginner to Elementary level students who prefer a low impact ballet class. This class focuses on musicality and artistry while working to strengthen and lengthen dancer’s muscles, improve fitness levels, balance and posture. Everyone should be able to enjoy the expressive elegance of ballet while being given inclusive options for turns and jumps.

Please check our VIRTUAL DANCE CLASSES page.


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Pointe work is the natural progression for your ballet dance classes. The training is as challenging as it is beautiful! In Emily’s pointe class you will learn slowly, step by step the necessary strengthening and technique exercises for your feet, legs and core. This progression is essential for safe, controlled pointe work.

Prerequisite: At least 3 years of continuous training in Ballet to ensure you have the necessary strength and technique to proceed safely.

Dances must schedule a private assessment with Emily before your first lesson. In your assessment Emily will look at your basic technique, alignment, strength and flexibility. She will create a personalized exercise program based on your strengths and weaknesses to ensure you are on the path to safe, beautiful pointe technique. Even dancers experienced in pointe are encouraged to schedule an assessment. Emily’s training in anatomy and injury prevention along with 25 years of strength training experience will be instrumental to your development. An assessment is $30 plus HST for 45 minutes.

Beginner Pointe

Prerequisite: 3 years of consistent ballet training and/or teacher’s permission.

Beginner Adult Pointe focuses on correct alignment and posture to enable safe beautiful pointe work. We begin each class in bare feet, spending 15 minutes on strengthening exercises for the toes, feet and calves. We then put on our pointe shoes for simple barre exercises and slowly work up your skills until you are ready to dance very simple enchainements in the center.

Elementary Pointe

Prerequisite: At least 1 year of basic pointe training and 4-5 years of consistent ballet training.

Elementary Adult Pointe class takes your basic pointe training and introduces you to a more challenging vocabulary. This level speeds things up, and takes you off the barre sooner for basic pointe variations. We begin these classes with your pointe shoes on, so you are strongly encouraged to take the Elementary/Intermediate Ballet class before this class to ensure your body is warmed up and fully prepared for a pointe class.

Intermediate Pointe

For dancers with 3-5 years of pointe training and who take a minimum of 2-4 ballet classes a week. These classes introduce vocabulary at the RAD Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1 levels. This class is recommended to our Adult RAD Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1 registered students as a training supplement to their Syllabus classes.

Progressing Ballet Technique

Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative dance conditioning program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon in Australia. This training system develops a dancer’s muscle memory to improve their core stability, weight placement and alignment, as well as over-all strength and control. Dancers perform exercises using a fitness ball or resistance band. The tools give the dancer immediate feedback on their alignment while training specific muscle groups and coordinations required for ballet and other dance forms. Each exercise has been developed with the care and guidance of a team of physiotherapists. The system is now taught world wide and has helped countless dancers prepare for careers in dance.

Ballet Workshops and Intensives

We are working on programming our 2020 schedule, please stay tuned.

Ballet - Adult RAD Exam Program

Go to our Adult RAD Ballet Exam Program page for full details.


As an adult, do you wish you could have trained in ballet as a child? Or maybe you dream of continuing your training where you left off as a youth? At Joy of Dance we offer a very unique opportunity for Adults to train for Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams. This one-of-a-kind program is in its 6th year and is steadily growing.

The benefits of training towards a ballet exam:

  • Progressive dance lessons where you learn new movements and concepts from the ground up.
  • The rate of learning and improvement is faster as there are clear expectations and goals.
  • The opportunity to learn solo variations, polishing them until quality, musicality and performance ability is at its peak.
  • The sense of achievement that comes from performing a set ballet class, solo variation and pointe work or character work for an external, international RAD Examiner.


If you are interested in our Adult RAD Ballet program, please fill in the following form by clicking the link and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible:
New Student Form

Dancers interested in levels we are not currently offering are also welcome to contact us as we are always looking to start new levels.
Contact us at Joy of Dance at info@joyofdance.ca or 416-406-3262 to leave a message for RAD Program Director Emily Tench.


Allison Nichol

Ballet and Contemporary/Modern

Emily Tench

Teen and Adult Ballet Program Director

Irene Yacoub

Ballet & Barre Fitness

Pricing Options

For adult classes only, if you need to miss a class and give us 24 hours advanced notice, we offer you a make-up class in one of our various jump-in classes. No refunds ON ANY PURCHASES

Please refer to the RAD Program page for its pricing.



plus HST

Jump-in Classes

1 class = $19.25
5 classes = $90
10 classes = $175
20 classes = $330

Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

RAD Jump-in Passes:

Single: $28 +HST
5-Class Pass: $140 +HST
10-Class Pass: $280 +HST

*All ballet students must register for a minimum of one RAD class to be eligible to do RAD Jump-in passes.

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