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New Discovering Repertoire RAD Adult Ballet Program

By: Deborah Lim

Of all of the forms of dance, ballet might be the most beautiful and captivating. It’s no wonder so many little girls want to become ballerinas. If you’re an adult, even if haven’t danced in a while, it’s not too late to indulge in your ballerina fantasies.

The Royal Academy of Dance recently released the Discovering Repertoire program. It’s balanced and progressive with a technical and dance component. It was created specifically for adults dancing recreationally yet seriously, and wanting to pursue a deep understanding of this dance form.

Discovering Repertoire is a great way to break up the routine of the RAD’s graded levels or the vocational stream (we offer both at Joy of Dance!) Students can choose to work toward the exam or audit the course.

The Variation component has some beautiful dances based on classical ballets performed on stage by the Royal Ballet in London. Each level has progressively difficult choreography from the corps de ballet level, to first and second soloist, and principle dancer role!

The program starts at Level 2, which is approximately at the Grade 5 or Intermediate Foundation level. Level 3 is equivalent to Grades 6-8 or Intermediate and Advanced Foundation, and Level 4 is similar to Advanced 1 and 2 standard levels.

Starting January 2020, Joy of Dance is excited to announce that we will be launching the running of this program with Level 2. It’s generated a lot of enthusiasm from many new and returning students. Students will learn both technical and variation components with more focus given to the dance portion.

Dancers practice twice a week together to develop muscle memory, strength, and flexibility. Just like professional dancers, cross training and self care is strongly encouraged to increase cardio-vascular endurance and ensure balance in the body. This rounded effort helps dancers become more injury resistant.

The costumes in ballet are decadent and delicate, the tiara’s are so sparkly, and the ballerinas look soft and delicate, but make no mistake – ballet is strength, hard work, and perseverance. If you want to become an athlete with artistry, sign up for the Discovering Repertoire program at Joy of Dance.


Deborah Lim fell in love with the beauty of ballet as a little girl. As an adult, she rediscovered ballet after 25 years away. She now dances at Joy of Dance taking classes in RAD Ballet, Argentine Tango, and West Coast Swing.

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