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Nine Reasons a Guy Should Learn to Dance

Most guys really don’t like to dance. The question of why has been on our minds for a long time. I mean seriously, we get it so why don’t they? Here is what it comes down to: guys are uncomfortable doing things with their bodies that don’t have structure, strength, pushing past your limit (which equates to super hero status) as is associated with sports. Also, at the beginning, dancing is awkward and is generally done in public, which means potential humiliation. Finally, dancing has some degree of artistic interpretation that requires letting go of inhibitions which is also potentially embarrassing. In what universe would a guy want to dance? We’re going to tell you because we believe dancing is on the path to happiness.

Guys, do you remember that very handsome man in the Old Spice commercial who looked straight into the camera (looking very buff) and stated, ”Now look at your man. Now back to me.” It was campy, fun and hit things on the head. Women (or partners), like confidence, romance, flirtation, sensuality, strength and leadership. Even the toughest of us like these things. Remember we talked about strength, stamina and toughness that men associate with sports? Well dance – let’s say ballroom or Latin has all of that.

Below are the top ten reasons a guy should learn to dance. Please bear in mind that we’re not talking movie fluff or the stuff of Dancing with the Stars. We’re talking simple dance steps a guy can do to any kind of music, using basic movements that work with a partner.

1. Date night is more fun: The thing about whether you are newly dating or grabbing a date night with your significant other, is that inevitability there will come a time when you’re at a place where dancing would be the logical thing to do; a club, a party, a wedding or even in your own living room. If there is music playing, your date is likely to want you to dance with them. If you know how great! Go for it! If not, and you say no it will take the magic out of the moment or you could attempt it badly and end up feeling awkward and goofy. Why not make sure of the magic and avoid felling awkward and goofy by knowing how to dance.

2. It’ll come in handy at wedding receptions: I can only think of one wedding reception that had no dancing and you can guess how long I stayed. Virtually every wedding has dancing. Knowing how to dance or at least feeling reasonably comfortable out on the dance floor, lends itself to a good time dancing with all the ladies old and young, making the other guys a little jealous and working off the wedding cake. If not, you’ll hide in the shadows and likely drink too much which is not good for anyone.

3. It really does make your girl/partner happy: Most girls like to dance. Some don’t but they sure like the idea of dancing. So, once a guy manages to land a girl, it serves him well to know how to do the kind of dancing she likes. This will give the couple something fun to do together when they go out or stay in for that matter.

4. Getting rid of those awkward moments: Let’s face it; not knowing how to do something a girl wants to do with you can make for very uncomfortable situations accompanied by “The Look”. Learn how to dance and you’ll reduce these significantly.

5. You’ll feel a lot more like the Old Spice guy: One little known fact among non-dancing males, is that knowing what you’re doing out there on the dance floor, makes a man feel manly because you know that your lady and every other woman in the room is looking at you like the Old Spice Guy. There is just something about leading a lady about the dance floor, with finesse and flourish that causes a man to feel romantic, charismatic and like – well the hero of the situation.

6. It gives you something “Else” to do: We understand: sometimes guys get bored with their routine even if it does involve hockey sticks, skates, weights and a press board. Dancing is something to do. Heading over to a club or swing social knowing he can dance, gives a guy something to do that is fun, good for him and that is even a little exciting.

7. You will stay in shape: Most guys don’t believe this but come on. Have you looked at a male dancer lately? They are often in crazy good shape. You don’t hear a lot about it, but dancing is actually pretty good exercise. Like any other kind of exercise, the kind of dancing you do and how much dancing you do has something to do with it but the bottom line is you are burning carbs, building muscle and flexibility.

8. You will be the one and only guy: I know I keep coming back to this but it is true. If a man learns to lead a partner around properly on the dance floor and does a good job of it, he makes his partner feel like she is the only one in the room and she is gorgeous. And the problem with that would be?????

9. It builds confidence. Because dancing is very scary to most guys, learning how to dance, and doing it well, builds confidence in a man’s abilities. It’s just like anything else. Once you see you can do something, and do it well, you start to feel like maybe you could do other things well too that maybe you hadn’t thought of before.

10. It pays off. Once you know how to dance you never forget. It stays with you. Learned while still young, the skills will follow you all through your life. Let’s face it, we all dance in the moment literally or figuratively. Knowing when to lead or when to follow is an asset. Being able to dance at your own wedding or your kid’s is amazing. Once you get it down, it’s yours forever.

For all those guys out there who are still resisting, we hope we’ve got you at least considering learning to dance. If you do take the leap, we would love to hear from you. In the meantime, good luck and happy dancing.

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