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JOY OF DANCE will be open today.

Today is a day to remind ourselves of the bond we all have for each other and our community. The Danforth is a family based community and we will rise up from this tragic incident and strengthen our bond. Joy of Dance is a safe place for us all to express our feelings and work through them. Dance is a transformative tool to help us breathe and face this sadness.

Today all jump-in classes are FREE. I want to help students remember that dance can help us all process this tragic situation. We need to express our feelings and work through them. We are a strong and compassionate group and we can face this situation with compassion and love.

I am also committed to assisting those who have been directly affected by this situation. I will be very proactive in working with the city and the province in regards to our safety and eliminating gun violence in this country. I will also reach out to the professional mental health community to build and create more opportunities to assist those who need help and give them positive avenues to express their feelings.

The Danforth is a strong and resilient community. We will come together to counter balance this tragic incidence. Our hearts and prayers are with the injured and their families. Hug a little tighter, hold hands a little longer, look into each others eyes a little while more than usual.

Much love, Jennifer

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