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As one of Toronto's top voted dance studios, we strive to offer the very best in adult, youth and teen dance class instruction in a friendly and welcoming environment. Dance is the fastest pathway to joy, so come here to leave your troubles on the dance floor.

Ginga, Nia, Zumba & PBT

About Our Dance Classes


Adult dance classes and fitness go together at any time. We have Ginga, Nia, Zumba, PBT Dance Conditioning & Barre to suit your needs. Take one or take all three. You’ll love the teachers and you’ll love the workout set to great music.

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toronto, adult dance lessons, dance exercise classes, zumba classes, nia dance

We are closed for Thanksgiving, Sunday October 11 and Monday October 12.

toronto, adult dance lessons, dance exercise classes, zumba classes, nia dance
toronto, adult dance lessons, dance exercise classes, zumba classes, nia dance
toronto, adult dance lessons, dance exercise classes, zumba lessons, nia dance
toronto, adult dance lessons, dance exercise classes, zumba classes, nia dance

Available Classes

Progressing Ballet Technique

This is not a traditional workout class that will leave you sweaty, it is a class to build body awareness in order to enhance technique in dance, pilates, yoga and other forms of movement, as such we recommend that you have a background in any of the aforementioned disciplines. Here is PBT’s official YouTube channel for your reference.

Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative dance conditioning program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon in Australia. This training system develops a dancer’s muscle memory to improve their core stability, weight placement and alignment, as well as over-all strength and control. Dancers perform exercises using a fitness ball or resistance band. The tools give the dancer immediate feedback on their alignment while training specific muscle groups and coordinations required for ballet and other dance forms. Each exercise has been developed with the care and guidance of a team of physiotherapists. The system is now taught world wide and has helped countless dancers prepare for careers in dance.


Jump-in Class

Ginga adult fitness classes are half dance, half martial arts with Brazilian Capoeira choreographed to Latin, Caribbean, African and international music. They are a great way to get the cardio vascular system going while building strength.

MOVE it™

Jump-in Class

MOVE it is a new Interval Training workout that safely challenges physical endurance, strength & cardiovascular fitness. Shake things up with this sweaty & invigorating fitness class!


Jump-in Class

The Nia Technique is a cardiovascular fusion fitness practice blending elements of dance, martial arts, and healing arts i.e. yoga. Nia is an inspiring and invigorating workout set to vibrant music. It is adaptable and suitable for every body because it enables the body to move according to its design.


Jump-In Class

Zumba adult fitness classes combine Latin and international music which creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective all over fitness system.



Heather Kay

Zumba, Bellydance, Kizomba

Ken Homer

Ginga Fitness Founder

Jennifer Hicks

Nia & Move-it

Rhea Daniels

Boss Chick Dance Workout

Pricing Options

For adult classes only, if you need to miss a class and give us 24 hours advanced notice, we offer you a make-up class in one of our various jump-in classes.  No refunds ON ANY PURCHASES



plus HST

Jump-in Classes

1 class = $19
5 classes = $88
10 classes = $170
20 classes = $330
(Barre Portion of Jump-in Ballet Class = $12)

Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

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