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Ah… The Benefits of Taking Private Dance Lessons

There are many ways of learning to dance no matter what age you are. You can take a group class like ballet, ballroom or hip hop, or learn it from a video on YouTube (not ideal) or, you can take private dance lessons. Let’s take a moment and talk about why private dance lessons are a great choice.

Who Takes Private Lessons?

There are raw beginners who don’t feel comfortable or perhaps awkward in a group class. There are those who might be preparing for an audition or a competition. How about weddings? The first dance is incredibly special. Sometimes there are those who simply want to fast track, improve their technique and performance levels. There are many reasons to commit to private dance lessons, but underlying it all is that you are investing in a fantastic experience with a great dance coach who makes it all about you.

The Advantages of Private Dance Lessons

There are several advantages to taking private dance lessons. A private dance class provides the opportunity to work one-on-one with a teacher who is committed to helping you achieve your goals at your own pace and in privacy. Your dance instructor has the opportunity to assess where you are and what you need. There is a special rapport as they help you achieve your milestones.

Scheduling private dance lessons offers more time flexibility. Rather than having to fit into a group class schedule, you can schedule your classes according to your own timelines.

Your rate of dance proficiency accelerates. With private dance lessons you can enjoy the individual attention at as high a level of detail as is needed to achieve your goals.

In summary, the top 8 reasons to take private dance lessons are:

  1. Assessment before you begin which helps your teacher understand your needs and goals
  2. Individual and private attention – 100%
  3. Accelerated rate of learning technique and performance
  4. Focusing on one key area whether it be dance genre, style or technique
  5. They meet your scheduling needs
  6. Your teacher can set your choreography to highlight your strengths
  7. Private lessons offer a safe and discreet environment where you can ask questions you may not want to ask in front of a large group
  8. Private dance lessons are the most effective tool in taking your dancing to a performance/competition level of proficiency

Taking private dance classes is like hiring a great coach or trainer. They are there for you every step of the way.
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