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As one of Toronto's top voted dance studios, we strive to offer the very best in adult, youth and teen dance class instruction in a friendly and welcoming environment. Dance is the fastest pathway to joy, so come here to leave your troubles on the dance floor.

Ballroom Certification Program

Like a duck swimming, dancers’ feet move so quickly they blur together with ease and confidence while their bodies exude a soothing calm, and their faces radiate joy. You too can experience this grace and delight in your life!

Ballroom dancing is different from almost every other activity or dance. The tactile nature of the contact between partners is necessary and welcomed in Ballroom Dancing, and it takes place in a positive, safe and non-sexual manner. Perhaps this is the reason why ballroom dancers feel a high after a dance!

Joy of Dance is pleased to run the Ballroom Certification Program for the 11th year! It’s a complete program that will give you a solid foundation in American Ballroom. It’s an intense and challenging 4 terms spanning 16 months covering the 12 Smooth and Rhythm dances.

Following the Bronze syllabus and modelled on the Canadian DanceSport Federation’s program, students will deepen their dance technique and knowledge in leading and following all of the dances, and teach if they choose to.

The BCP Program provides lots of personal attention and 1:1 time with world class teachers who are passionate about and have dedicated their lives to dance. They are all certified to teach Ballroom, and have taught for at least a decade and have a combined dance experience of more than 40 years!

During the course of the program, students and teachers often become friends, this strong support network helps foster a sense of community and belonging as they experience the highs and lows of dance together. The program requires dedication, hard work, and practice, and the immense sense of accomplishment when exams are passed are priceless!

There are plenty of opportunities to learn and dance outside of the program as well. While enrolled in the program, you’ll have free access to all of the ballroom workshops, group classes, and dance socials, and practice time on our hardwood dance floor!

It’s not just your dancing that will improve by leaps and bounds though. You’ll stand and walk taller, be more confident in your outside life, and see in a new light how we all dance in the way we speak and relate to others. Dance has a way of sneaking in and changing your life!

So if you’re ready to dance, laugh, shout for joy, work hard, make new friends, and dance some more, join us in the Ballroom Certification Program. Register now, the next term is starting!


Deborah Lim fell in love with the beauty of ballet as a little girl. As an adult, she rediscovered ballet and other forms of movement and dance. She’s dances at Joy of Dance, taking classes in Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, and the RAD Ballet Program.


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