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Bringing Baby to your Adult Ballroom Dance Class


For those of you who have very small or young, not quite walking babies, we know that you are busy, tired, and often have little time to yourselves. Date night? What’s that? Well even if you could, finding a sitter can sometimes be a challenge not to mention entrusting your little one to a sitter can be filled with angst. We have a solution. Well to be accurate, two of our lovely adult ballroom dance couples inspired us with an idea to bring the baby with you to dance class when you can’t find sitter. We loved it and judging from the response to our post on Facebook, so did a lot of other people.


If you are divided on whether you like this idea or not, consider this; your little one will LOVE it and I bet it will put the two of you in a pretty good mood as well.


Forget all the worry about finicky baby moods, changing wet diapers and (OMG), baby crying. Dancing with your baby is great because it:

  • Literally holds them close to you. Babies love to be next to mom and dad. Dancing with them for 45 minutes is baby bliss.
  • Gives your baby the experience of fun, movement, music and stimulation
  • Exposes your baby to music and rhythm
  • Is social so your baby gets the chance to be with other people while safely tucked in your arms, or, on your back
  • It is time together
  • Saves the worry and expense of a sitter

Dancing is an incredible way to share your worlds. This age is sweet and it is fleeting. Moment by moment the time with your child is precious and what could be more wonderful than this.
We hope you dance as a family again, and again.

Happy Dancing!

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