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Finding the Right Ballet Class – Part I

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Why Ballet?

Children’s ballet classes come in a range of levels, and are often separated into recreational and competitive/pre-professional streams. Adult classes, by comparison, are often lumped into just one level. However, as anyone who has taken an adult ballet class can tell you, there is definitely more than one level of adult ballet dancer.

Adults seek out ballet classes for a variety of reasons. Some have never danced before, some trained intensively growing up. Some love working on technique, some just want to have fun and move. Regardless of your reason, ballet can be a great way to build strength and flexibility (petit allegro is definitely a cardio workout!) It’s also a fantastic way to meet people that you might not have otherwise.

Why Joy of Dance?

Depending on what you’re looking for, the class that’s right for you might be vastly different than what’s right for someone else. At Joy of Dance, we offer a wide variety of adult ballet classes, from absolute beginner to adult RAD exam classes. All of our teachers are highly trained and are dedicated to fostering a healthy environment where every dancer can grow. Whether you want to dance once a week for the joy that movement brings, or whether you want to train intensively for a ballet exam, Joy of Dance has a class for you. 

What if I’m Too Old?

From an outsider’s perspective, ballet can seem like an unattainable goal – many think that it’s something that you start as a child, or not at all. In reality, there are lots of great reasons to take up ballet as an adult – not only is strength in proper alignment hugely beneficial, but ballet is an excellent way to gain core strength, balance, and flexibility. All you need to do is find the right class!

Never danced before? We have great beginner classes that run through the week. And don’t worry if you can’t commit to a regular schedule – our recreational adult classes are drop-ins, so you can pay for the classes that you take, and not worry about the ones that you miss. You can make a schedule that works for you.

However, even though our rec classes are drop-ins, most of our students are regulars (you might just start having too much fun to stay away!) Our teachers are dedicated to giving our beginner students the solid technical foundations they need to master the basics of ballet, so that they can move beyond them. To do this, students are given specific, detailed corrections. With regular attendance, your teacher can follow your progress and help you move beyond the beginner level. Just because you’re past a certain age, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn and improve! We offer up to Level 2 as a drop-in, and with hard work, it won’t be long before your find yourself there! 

What if I Want to Take my Training Further?

All of our students also have access to private lessons for one-on-one coaching, where your teacher can spend the time focused on just you. Private lessons are a great way to work with your teacher to figure out what works for you and your body, as well as to work on things and ask questions you might not have time to in a group class. 

We are very lucky here in Toronto to have so many options for adult dance classes, but what I love so much about Joy of Dance is that the invisible dividing line between kids classes and adults classes – where somehow once you pass eighteen you are no longer capable of making progress – doesn’t exist at all. Everyone is on their own dance journey, and the warm, inviting environment, dedicated teachers, and supportive peers never stop moving you forward. 

Joy of Dance is offering an Adult Ballet Summer Intensive this August 17-31st – don’t miss it!

About the Author
Dinushi has been dancing since she was 13 and has dabbled in a variety of styles including jazz, contemporary, tap and lyrical. She is currently enrolled in the Royal Academy of Dance program at Joy of Dance Centre.

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