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Nine Reasons for Having a Wedding Dance

Spring is (finally) here, and with it comes a new theme: Wedding Dances! I know, you’re already up to your ears in planning out the big day – why add even more stress with a choreographed dance, right? Fair enough – let’s talk about that.

1. The ‘high-school shuffle’ is SO last year. You might think it looks cute, but to the rest of us, three minutes of holding each other and walking around in a circle is about two-and-a-half minutes too long.

2. It doesn’t have to become a major project.Dirty Dancer wannabes aside, you only need to learn a half-dozen repeatable steps to transform your dance from boring to memorable.

3. It’s classy.Throwing in a little dancing can lend an air of chivalry and elegance to your special day. Plus, might as well put that wedding dress and tux to work, right?

4. It lets you take a break. Taking the time to learn a dance together can be a fun and much-needed reprieve from the rest of the wedding madness.

5. It’s cheaper than marriage counselling. Learning to dance together teaches you a thing or two about true partnership, and couples who stick with it often deepen their relationship by learning to connect on another level.

6. Lots of great photo moments. Fifty pictures of the two of you holding each other and smiling can get old after a while. Knowing a dance or two creates a lot more interesting moments for the photographer to capture

7. It’s a nod to the grandparents. Many from an earlier generation remember when dancing was a much bigger part of their lives, and they’ll appreciate you taking the time to recreate some of those moments for them.

8. You’ll be ready for the afterparty. Even later in the evening when things get crazy, having a little coordination and rhythm can keep you and your beau turning heads – in a good way.

9. You might want to stick with it!Bottom line: dancing is fun! Many couples have found they enjoyed dancing together so much they stuck with it for life.

So now that you’re thoroughly convinced that a wedding dance is the way to go, what kind of dance should you choose? We’ll cover that for you next week.

About the Author

Ian Crewe has been dancing ballroom for over 18 years, and has a Licentiate in American smooth and rhythm. His passion for dance eventually led him to blogging and the World Wide Web. Ian currently teaches at the Joy of Dance Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada.

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