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On the Ball: Dancing Through December

On The Ball

Welcome to the first Blog for Joy of Dance. For this first On the Ball blog, we debated whether to write about specifics. You know; a piece on Latin Dance, or perhaps Jazz- maybe even Ballet classes but then we thought, no, let’s start with what we believe. It seemed fitting given the time of year and what it represents.


December is a transition month. More than any other it signifies a point of remarkable change. It is the end of what we had set out to do and we now look behind us and see how far we have come. We can celebrate the achievements within ourselves and our communities. We can remember the steps that have taken us through the transition. December is the month when we reflect and we start to think about what’s next; do we begin something new? Do we continue our path?

At Joy of Dance, we believe that… no, make that we know that dancing transitions everyone. We also know that we all dance every moment of every day both figuratively or metaphorically. It could be taking a hip hop class, or it could be verbal dancing as you negotiate your way through a conversation. Maybe it’s watching your child take their first step, which looks like a funny wobbly dance. No matter what it is we know that the space in-between where you start and where you finish is where the dance happens and that is the transition. It can be challenging but it is also magical. There is a point where things click and you can dare to dream

Dare to Dream

Have you ever watched someone create a moment that causes goosies? Maybe it’s that couple who Tango with the connection, passion and flow that make it seem as if they are one with each other, the music and you. Maybe it’s the performer who, seems to fly with an emotional energy and purpose that transcends their body. Maybe it’s that singer who lays it all on the floor and transports you to a place rarely touched. Maybe it’s simply thinking that tomorrow you will be better than today. We believe that everyone should dare to dream as big as possible. Who knows what you will achieve? The beauty is that your dreams are uniquely yours and only yours. You can share them; you can create a plan to realize them through the help of others. But they are yours. No one else can judge them because they belong to you. We believe and encourage everyone to dream with passion and if possible bring that passion to life every day. Our favorite thing is to inspire because you inspire us.


When you step into that dream; when you move through that transition, you transform. We see it every day with every single person who comes through our doors regardless of age or gender. There is something that happens and maybe its as simple as watching someone feeling at home and in an environment where it is safe to let go and express whatever is going on with their day in that moment. It’s the most incredible thing and it is recognizable. A woman who starts to realize her body can move gracefully; a teen who sees that he or she is becoming an adult; a child who does their fist pirouette and discovers balance; a man who moves in a newfound confidence and grace. What we believe is that dance classes are more than just dance classes. They are a discovery, an exchange, and a community. They are personal but they are shared. You discover your vulnerability but also your strength. We believe everyone should enjoy the dance and embrace the transformation.
So this December; we hope you dance full on, full out and often in whatever way you choose. But most of all, we wish you joy.

Jennifer Lambert Jones
CEO & Dean
Joy of Dance Centre and Teachers College

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