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As one of Toronto's top voted dance studios, we strive to offer the very best in adult, youth and teen dance class instruction in a friendly and welcoming environment. Dance is the fastest pathway to joy, so come here to leave your troubles on the dance floor.

Selecting a Dance Studio

You’ve decided to put little Johnnie or Emily in dance classes plus you’ve decided that you are going to start classes as well. Now you are on the hunt for which dance studio to choose. If you are familiar with dance you’ll know what to look for, but if you are new to it there are some things to consider. Regardless of whether a dance studio is brand new and state of the art or an older facility, there are common elements found in every professional dance studio.

First is the dance floor. A good dance floor is essential when choosing a dance studio. What is most important is that the dance studio has “sprung” flooring. A sprung floor has been especially designed to provide a sufficient amount of shock absorbency for jumps and landings. A sprung dance floor prevents injuries like shin splints because there is ample space in between layers of softer floorboards.

Second on the list would be barres. Barres are very common in all dance studios because they are often used as an important training tool notably for ballet. There are many types of barres: wooden, metal, stable and portable as well as adjustable to different heights.

Third would be mirrors. Most dance studios are equipped with mirrors in order to give the dancer visual feedback. A mirror allows a dancer to check lines as well as accuracy of dance movement. They can be and are used by many teachers as a tool for demonstration of steps and/or choreography.All dance studios have technical equipment for music. Some may also have musical instruments such as a piano or drums with an experienced accompanist to play for select classes such as ballet. Other equipment such as mats are also a feature and used for conditioning and/or stretching.

Finally but not the least important, are both reputation and feel of the dance studio. A good dance studio employs experienced dance teachers; those that provide not only excellent technical instruction but those that can manage a class well and inspire the dancers within. The dance studio you choose is a community in and of itself. Therefore it needs to feel good to you. It is a place where your time spent is enjoyable, warm and friendly; a place that gives you joy.

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