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Stolen Moments In-Between Dance Classes


Stretch and Get Through Anything
Whether you are a professional dancer or take adult dance classes as a hobby, finding the time in our hectic days to practice, tone, stretch, or strengthen can be challenging. Let’s face it, our lives are hectic. It would be great if we always had time for several hour-long classes a week but often times it just isn’t possible. Good news! There are some things we can do almost anywhere to give ourselves a little 2-to5 minute mini drill.


As we are waiting for the bus or subway, we can do our foot exercises. How about some relevés, or ankle turns, or maybe a little heel toe, or toe heel action? Let’s give our poor neglected feet some attention. After all, having strong feet and ankles in dance is a must.


Stretch your legs. Stretching your hip flexors is always a good move to do to counteract the sitting we do. You can also easily stretch your calf muscles while standing in place.


The kitchen is a great place to stretch. While we wait for our lunch or dinner to be reheated, we can take the opportunity to do some side or leg stretches. You can also work on posture and back strengthening exercises.


We all do too much sitting, so let’s make the most of it! Sitting offers the perfect moment for glut squeezes or to work your abs. Do you have a stiff neck or shoulders? Doing neck stretches is a great way of relieving tension. Take a moment to breath, release the shoulders, and stretch the neck on each side as well as forwards and backwards.


I carry my ballroom textbooks with me so that waiting for any reason offers me the chance to get some review done.


It’s amazing what you can do while doing the dishes. All it takes is some music you love and voila, you can shake, shimmy, do isolations, work your feet, or even practice your pour de bras. It’s not about doing housework; it’s about doing a work out where things happen to get clean!

Dance is a joyful thing at any time so take those stolen moments and do something nice for your mind, body and soul!

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