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What Makes a Great Dance Teacher?

There are a lot of opinions and blogs out there on what determines a good or great dance teacher. In doing my research for this blog, I can safely say that most agree on the following:

• Having a great dance teacher makes all the difference in how you progress
• Great teachers give great corrections
• Being a great dancer has little or nothing to do with being a great teacher
• They are constantly learning themselves so are bringing what’s fresh all the time
• They are professional yet engaging at all times
• They care about you enough to push you when you need it even if you think you don’t
• They are absolutely and without question passionate about teaching you dance
• Loves dance

If there would be anything to be added to this list it would be this: the great ones are constantly evolving because they put their students first. How can you tell that you matter, that your teacher gets you? Because they listen to you, they see what you sometimes can’t see yourself; they take time to understand who you are as well as what your goals are. To be a great teacher you must do more than understand the art and technique of dance. You must also understand the person who makes the art come to life and invite them to step into their potential.

How can you tell when you’ve got a great teacher? The answer to that question is as personal as it is diverse. So, let me share how I feel after a class with a great teacher. No matter how tired I am going in, I come out feeling an incredible energy. I feel like they get who I am at every level. I feel inspired to go further and do more. I dare to dream and know I can turn that into a reality with my teacher’s help. I can make mistakes and they are treated as things to learn from; if you are going to make a mistake make it a big one so they can give you the best correction. I know I have the technique necessary to give me the freedom to express. Very simply, I want more.

So that’s my perspective. If you would care to share, I’d love to know yours. In the meantime; Learn it! Love it! Live it!

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