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As one of Toronto's top voted dance studios, we strive to offer the very best in adult, youth and teen dance class instruction in a friendly and welcoming environment. Dance is the fastest pathway to joy, so come here to leave your troubles on the dance floor.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Dance Class

Download Zoom mobile or desktop prior to your class time. Note that you do not need to create a Zoom account to be able to join us virtually. You will receive an email to your inbox an hour before class, make sure you check your spam folder in case you are not seeing it. If there are any issues with the email, reach us immediately.

Virtual Class Health and Safety:

CREATE A SPACE: Clear a spot in your home big enough to safely move around in. Shift, move or remove anything you might hit or get hurt by. Try to find a space you can close a door so that distractions and demands are on the other side.
WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear what makes you happy and comfortable and remember you might be on video so don’t expose anything you don’t want seen. Wear the right footwear for the right class.
LEGAL STUFF: When you are participating in online classes you are accepting full responsibility for your own safety and well-being – you are assuming all risks and liabilities associated with dance and movement which included but not limited to risk of bodily injury or physical discomfort due to physical condition or limitations. Joy of Dance assumes no liability or responsibility for injury or harm suffered while viewing and participating in online classes. You waive all rights and claims arising from your participation in online video instruction. This includes all officers, directors, shareholders, employees and agents of Joy of Dance. Please be wise and careful when participating in online instruction. If injury does occur, please inform us and we will do our best to assist you in finding the proper help.

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