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Safety Protocols at Joy of Dance

Dear Students,

We understand that this new environment is not ideal. We put the safety of our students and staff first and foremost above everything else. We will be constantly reviewing our protocols and modifying and changing them according to the current environment and instructions from our community. The biggest blessing from this challenging time has been the outpouring of support, love, and passion for Joy of Dance. Without your support, the re-opening of Joy of Dance would have never been possible. May we all find our collective joy again. May our hearts and bodies return to sing to the music.



1. If any of the following applies to you, we respectfully ask you to stay home:
a. You have experienced any symptoms related to Covid-19 in the last two weeks.
b. You have been around anyone experiencing symptoms in the last two weeks.
c. You have traveled in the last 2 weeks by plane, across border or to a high-risk area.
2. Before entering the studio again for the first time since the re-opening, all students must sign a new Risk Assumption and Liability Waiver.
3. All students must use hand sanitizer upon entering the centre. We highly encourage you to bring your own hand sanitizer to help keep our supplies fully stocked.
4. All students must wear a mask at all time, including upon entering the building and during class/lessons. If students do not have one, 100% cotton facemasks are available to purchase from the front desk.
5. There will be a 10-minute break in between each class so that all surfaces can be wiped down with industrial-strength disinfectant, including all bathrooms.
6. We respectfully ask that you minimize the number of belongings you bring into the studio.
7. Bathroom use: Students must use hand sanitizer before and after entering and exiting bathrooms. Students are asked to wipe down all surfaces in the bathroom after using the facility including toilet seat, toilet handle, paper towel handle, sink fixtures, and doorknobs. Spray and wipes will always be provided in the bathrooms. Students must wash their hands before leaving and use paper towels to open and close the bathroom door.
8. There are sanitizing stations in hallways of each floor and outside the entrance to each studio.
9. As adult classes return, if you choose to take partner work classes, you must bring your own partner or ask the office to try and help you find one. There will be NO rotating of partners. You must stay with the same partner for the entirety of the class. Teachers will not be rotating either.
10. Every class will have pre-registration only. You are no longer allowed to show up for any class as we have class size limitations for each room. You can register for all classes through online registration..
11. No students will be allowed to congregate in the studio. After class please exit the studio immediately.

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