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Wedding Dance Lessons

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Your first dance as a wedding couple is magical

Our wedding specials have helped many people find the best dance to express their love for each other. Your first consultation is all about picking music, getting to know your teachers, the studio, building a plan for your special dance and start dancing. We have made wedding packages affordable, enjoyable and romantic. We can teach you Ballroom, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Jazz, Afro, Tap and so much more. Call 416-406-3262 to book your consultation.

Wedding Consultation $60/couple

Our wedding specials have helped couples dance their first dance with joy and confidence. We will have you moving and looking fantastic with the most popular wedding dances or dance style of your choice. Designed especially for wedding couples and wedding parties… we can teach your whole wedding party to dance!
Create a wedding dance for the whole wedding party, do a fabulous group formation, throw in some Hip Hop, or do a Waltz. We can help create it for you.

Pricing Options

Wedding Special is + $20 per person for each lesson. Please note that 24 hours notice is required to cancel a lesson. All last minute cancellations will be charged for the lesson.



plus HST
for 6 lessons


plus HST
for 8 lessons
Call 416-406-3262 to book your Wedding Consultation

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